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Don't be fooled by all of the cheap hosting out there! Typically these bargain hosting companies offer large amounts of hosting space and bandwidth at reduced prices to make their hosting seem more attractive. They can get away with this because they know that the vast majority of the people that purchase their hosting will only need a small fraction of the promised amounts - this is called "overselling". If you're current site seems slow loading pages, then it's possible that your host has "over sold" their server space to you! Here's an excellent article about "overselling"

At Grafx Solutions we provide top quality, non-oversold, hosting solutions at an affordable price. All of our servers are on RAID10 disk arrays that are backed up daily using R1soft's enterprise backup software. You can rest assured that your data is safe, your site is working properly, and you're supported by the best talent in the industry. Our core strength is helping our clients grow while staying within their budget. We don't want to just earn your business, we want to keep it!

Hosting plans start as low as $4.00/month for  the "Econo-pac" plan. Price does NOT include domain name registration (typically about $10.00/year).

Different plan options and configurations are available upon request.

Web site design and maintenance options are also available.

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