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Photo Restorations and Alterations

  • Photo Restorations - Removal of blemishes from photographs - from the minor small scratches, or dust spots, to the more seriously torn and cracked surfaces. (Samples can be viewed here).
  • Colorizations - The transformation of B/W (black &white) photos to full color. Or, the process of adding the "brown" sepia tinting to images from photos (color or B/W).
  • Manipulations - The process of adding or removing objects in a photo, or combining objects from two (or more) photos to obtain a new and totally different image. This can be anything from removing an "ex" from a image, to placing the subject of the image in an entirely different location (would you like to be seen in France at the Eiffel Tower, with out ever going there J (Samples can be viewed here).
  • Custom - Tell me what you want!!   I can place your head on another body, change the appearance of your clothing, even change your hair style and color (within reason)  (Sexual or pornographic requests will be refused.) (Samples can be viewed here).